Rental and purchasehigh-tech medical and aesthetic equipmentContact us now
Rental and purchasehigh-tech medical and aesthetic equipmentContact us now

Julio Philippe

Expert Consultant in Medical Aesthetics

Hello my fellow professionals in Medical Aesthetics,


I realized that I launched my page without taking the time to introduce myself and despite the fact that many of you know me, I would like to take a few minutes to present my company: Nüderma


My Story



After more than 20 years of experience in high technology lasers (with 3 different manufacturers), including 10 years as a clinic owner, I now offer my services as a consultant. I am available to evaluate your technology needs/possibilities.  I am an excellent laser trainer since my strength lies in the popularization of complex principles so that you can use each of your devices with the best possible technology according to the client's needs and thus make your investments profitable.





Rental and Sales Service

High-tech Equipment

Finally, I offer the service of rental and sales of high-tech laser equipment. I look forward to talking with you!


Don't hesitate to call or write me, it will be a great pleasure to discuss with you!



Nüderma holds an establishment license for medical devices class 3: Distribution & Importation from Health Canada

Google Reviews

"Nüderma is the choice by excellence for quality and efficient devices. Julio (the owner) is the one who has years of experience in the field of medical aesthetics and who knows how to share his knowledge. Doing business with Nüderma is a guarantee of success so I recommend it!"


- Sandra Manegre -



"I have used the services of Mr. Julio Philippe on numerous occasions and he has always offered me impeccable service. Always present to answer our questions, he makes himself available at all times. I recommend it to you without any hesitation."

- Lyne Lachance -



"Great service! Very professional and attentive. A pleasure to do business with Julio. I recommend! :)"


- Marilyne Cadieux -



"A professional service with Julio who is always available to help us and answer our questions super quickly. A fast, professional and efficient team... we like that! ;)"

- KB Cosmetiques -



"I have known Julio for several years, I started with the rental and then the purchase of two Sopranos. He is extremely technically competent and offers the best customer service in the industry: fast, efficient and courteous! I recommend without hesitation :)"


- Nadine Bouchard -



"I want to thank Julio for the excellent service and professional approach. Definitely recommending to everyone. 5*
My regards,


- Marina Shupilova - 



"Love love love that’s all I will say! Never had better results."


- Daniela Mancini -

Feel Free to contact us 
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St-Laurent, Qc
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