Rental and purchasehigh-tech medical and aesthetic equipmentContact us now
Rental and purchasehigh-tech medical and aesthetic equipmentContact us now

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device rental service

Offer your clients the best beauty treatments and save money with IPL equipment rental

At Nüderma Esthétique, we offer an IPL equipment rental service for photorejuvenation and hair removal in your clinic! The IPL equipment that we rent allows you to benefit from a very high technology while saving a maximum of costs. Because your clientele deserves to benefit from the best high-tech aesthetic services with pulsed light. Take advantage of our IPL rental service now!


For IPL rental service, we offer the Harmony Lite machine: featuringAFT™ (Advanced Fluorescence System) technology, this form of IPL allows you to offer ideal hair removal results thanks to a narrow, precise band of specific wavelengths. It is the most powerful device on the market. 

Harmony Lite, the best rentable IPL  machine 

The Harmony Lite IPL device offers several treatments with a built-in cooling system:

  • Two traditional treatment modes
  • The In-motion™ on all handpieces

This offers you the best way to adapt based on your clients' hair removal area and skin color. This pulsed light hair removal device is virtually painless, allowing you to offer your clients the best possible comfort during hair removal.



Skin reshaping


Hair removal


Vascular lesions


Pigmentary stains


Complexion and textures

Harmony Lite IPL rental service: unparalleled ease of use!

The IPL Harmony Lite Machine, offers hair removal professionals real ease of use when performing treatments: the cord is very long, which allows a lot of mobility around the chair the patient is sitting in. Compared to other IPL machines on the market, the Harmony Lite controller is very light. It offers a real speed of treatment with pulses of up to 3 Hz: you can, for example, remove hair from a man's back in less than 10 minutes!


Why choose Nüderma for IPL equipment rental

Julio Philippe, owner of Nüderma Esthétique, has more than 10 years of experience in aesthetic clinic management; This is why we are recognized by aesthetic professionals and can ideally accompany you for all your IPL equipment needs in the Greater Montreal area.

  • Nüderma has been renting equipment to skincare clinics since 2014: we have a large availability of IPL equipment according to your needs
  • We offer a very efficient and punctual transport service to your clinic;

More than 60 aesthetic clinics across the greater Montreal area trust Nüderma Esthétique

  • Along with the rental service, we offer complete training to manage and maintain the IPL devices that you rent.
  • We provide promotional flyers and rollups 

    for your institute or clinic. 

Nüderma holds an establishment license for medical devices class 3: Distribution & Importation from Health Canada

Want to enjoy of our IPL equipment rental service in your clinic? We now offer the most advanced technology at the lowest cost to provide the best high-tech services in Montreal!


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